Friday, 10 February 2012

I created this blog to draw attention to some of Scotland's forgotten musicians and folk groups, featruing records from my collection which were long out of print and which weren't likely to see the light of day again. I did not intend to deny people their rights, and I certainly never intended to profit in any way from other people's work. However, relatives of dead artists have contacted me and, as a result, these treasures will go back into their attics and cupboards and remain unlistened, their creators unheard of. Sorry.


  1. dommage ... but you can continue to distribute them more discreetly

  2. Sad. I have so enjoyed listening to these artists, some of whom I had never heard of. I wonder if these dead artists would be happy to know that their great contribution to the Scottish folk scene has to die with them?

  3. Very sorry to hear that you have been harassed, and I fully agree with lugworm's comment. Do these "precious" relatives really know how the artists would have responded to the internet, and the chance to be heard around the world?
    Thank you for all your efforts. I have heard a lot of happy music from a lot of artists I had never heard of.
    PS DKmalo's suggestion is a very good one.
    Cheers from Australia.

  4. Hey Music Gatherer,

    I have so much enjoyed this blog and the music it has offered, as it put me on my way in learning to play the fiddle, thank you so much for your efforts... Sometimes things just can't be helped...

    kindest regards from Belgium

  5. I think Patrick said it well.

    Thanks for sharing these inspiring recordings with us.

    I have always seen this site as a mark of your respect for those whose recordings you shared.

    And well done too, as far as I can tell the site has been a great success.

    Cheers from New Zealand

  6. Shame, but well done for trying to share this stuff.

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  8. This is very sad news. You have done great work in preserving some of the best Scottish traditional music. Many of the traditional musicians recorded made little or nothing from their original recordings; if they did it for monetary profit they got very little. Most traditional musicians play music because they believe that music is of itself important. And (years before this blog existed) I have made inquiries about the possibility of some of these works being re-released by the companies. The reply was universally negative. Fiddlers like James F. Dickie, I was told, are far too rough for modern ears (in other words, he played in an authentic traditional style). They believe they won't profit, and so are more than willing to see this music consigned to the darkness. The sad truth is that if people such as yourself didn't make these works available, they will forever remain lost to future generations.

    The family members (not obviously music-lovers) should know that sharing this music with others puts no money in your pocket or ours, but that it benefits the world greatly by saving traditional Scottish music from extinction. Do they honestly think they're being deprived of some fictional profits? They are like people who won't let you drink from a well; you are not making them poorer nor making yourself richer, and they know they can't make money from it, but they would rather see it just go to waste rather than see the water get used without bringing them profit. Capitalism and greed are the enemies of music.
    And without access to the great unsung and unavailable music from our history we can look forward to more of the banality and mediocrity that mark so much of the modern folk scene.

  9. I too am sorry, this blog has enabled many, myself included the chance to appreciate the great [and not so great] musicians playing in their own style
    Many thanks, Music Gatherer

  10. Is anyone able to connect to metamorpheus.mp3
    I get to the site but unable to log on or re-register

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    2. i can not log in or re-register either. haven't been able to for weeks. have contacted the administrator several times & have received no response.

    3. That site has closed down permanently. Like others, they decided to pull down the shutters before they were made to.

  11. Many thanks for your work! And sad all this stop...
    And Hello from Brittany

  12. I must agree with Tarlach. I have been involved in Scottish fiddle music since the mid 70s and, though quite young in those days, was acquainted with a number of the players whose recordings you have made available. I don't think there is any other resource to find most of these recordings any more.

    For my part, I would have been happy to pay for downloads so that royalties could have been passed to the appropriate folks. However I do understand the level of additional administration this would have caused.

    Perhaps the copyright owners could be encouraged to make downloads available.

  13. Thank you for bringing joy while it lasted. I shall treasure the songs and artists I discovered. You'll never know just how many people I've got to smile by playing them "Doon in the Wee Room"! Or "Killiecrankie" sung by those wonderfully untrained gentlemen who never made it past the vinyl stage in their career!
    I also loved how you'd use "Doonload" as the link. Hopefully there will be a way to share the music in future in such a way that no one's offended.
    Just wanted you to know that there are some Scottish Americans enjoying the fruit of your labors in Sunny California!