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Various Artists: I Was Born In Glasgow (1991)

Various Artists: I Was Born In Glasgow (Gallus Records GAL 102, 1991)

This was a one-off album put together by Ewan McVicar using the money he won in a song competition. It features a handful of singers from Glasgow including:

Iain Mackintosh, banjo player, concertina player and singer. He originally played in groups such as The Islanders and The Skerries, but is better known for his subsequent solo career.

Ian Davison was one of the young people who attended Norman Buchan's Ballads Club in Rutherglen Academy (other members included Gordeanna MacCulloch, Ann Neilson and Adam McNaughtan), and later formed a group, The Ian Davison Folk Four.

Hamish Imlach, a giant figure in Scottish folk singing.

Alan Tall, an actor and musician who provided vocals, saxophone, keyboards and percussion.

This album has not, to my knowledge, been re-released, but it is hoped that Ewan will consider it one day.

01 Iain Mackintosh: I Wish I Was In Glasgow (Billy Connolly)
02 Ewan McVicar & Alan Tall: Tam the Bam (Ewan McVicar)
03 Iain Mackintosh & Ewan McVicar: The Glasgow I Used to Know (Adam McNaughtan)
04 Ewan McVicar: Caves In the Canyons (Ian Davison)
05 Iain Mackintosh: Farewell to Glasgow (Jim McLean)
06 Ewan McVicar: Nancy Whisky (Ewan McVicar)
07 Ewan McVicar: I Belong to Glasgow (Will Fyffe)
08 Ewan McVicar & Alan Tall: Bus 33-Glasgow Rain (Ewan McVicar)
09 Hamish Imlach: Cod Liver Oil and the Orange Juice (Carl MacDougall)
10 Ian Davison: Doon In the Wee Room (McLughlin)
11 Ewan McVicar & Alan Tall: Dannie Lannie & his Heavy China (Ewan McVicar)
12 Hamish Imlach: Twelve and a Tanner (McKenzie/Fyffe)
13 Ewan McVicar: Barroom Mountaineers (trad)
14 Ian Davison: Going Home to Glasgow (Ian Davison)


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  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your site through a link on Memoire Du Folk. What a collection of obscure recordings you have made available! To say the least I've been like the proverbial kid in a candy store the last few weeks. I'm always happy to find more Tom Anderson and have looked for the Alba LP for years as I've always been an Ossian and Tony Cuffe fan. I did have the privilege of seeing him in Dec. 2000 when he was part of Bonnie Rideout's touring group for her annual Christmas tour. He did do some solos during the show that I'll always remember. The tour must have happened just before his health turned.
    I picked this particular posting, I Was Born In Glasgow, because it is the only one that doesn't appear to have a doonload button on it. I don't know if it was deleted intentionally or just never made available but I would like to hear this one if possible.
    Keep posting more wonderful recordings like the ones you've done so far. I know it is a lot of work to update and maintain a blog and you don't get a lot of feedback and thanks but I want you to know your efforts are appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  2. Lovely blog, but there's no link for this tasty-looking morsel...


  3. I originally disabled the link because I thought Ewan McVicar might sell this album from his site. It seems not, but now that I look for my digital recording of it - it's gone! However, I have the original vinyl, so I'll re-record it soon and replace it here.

  4. I have found an old version of the album and you can now download it from the link. I will make a better recording in time and swap it, but in the meantime, this will do.

  5. I have uploaded a much higher quality version of the record now, so enjoy.

  6. Thank you so much,for all . Texts,information, and your high sensibility to show the world the magic music from Scotlland... Folk is life,in every single musical note. This blog is a treasure for true lovers of music: the big tree is alive, its roots are green, full of fresh air,clear water,holy fire,and powerfull earth...