Saturday, 28 May 2011

Drinker's Drouth: Bound to Go (1984)

Drinker's Drouth: Bound to Go (1984)

01 The Exile Song
02 Johnny Sangster
03 The Bonnie Light Horseman
04 When Charlie Tae the Highlands Came
05 Lord Marlborough
06 The Soutars o' Selkirk:The Died Cat
07 The Sodger's Return
08 Private William Coffey
09 I'se the Bye
10 The Ploughman
11 Bound to Go

The second album from Drinker's Drouth from 1984. Jack Aitken (vocals, bouzouki, guitar), Dave Black (vocals, mandolin, fiddle), Tony Dougan (vocals, guitar), Brian Dougan (lead vocals) and Davy Steele (lead vocals, guitar, banjo), with Martin Hadden (bass guitar, harmonium, synthesiser) and Graham Bingham (side drum).



  1. Some interesting songs there. Thanks mate.

  2. 06 The Soutars o' Selkirk - is failed (zero-length) (