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Thulbion: Twilight Bound (1994)

Thulbion: Twilight Bound (1994)

This album was released under the Thulbion group name, but it's really Judi Nicolson's show, her excellent fiddling dominating the sound from start to finish. Originally from Banchory, Judi Nicolson (nee Judith Davidson) was recognised as one of Scotland's finest fiddlers from an early age; indeed she won the 1979 Junior Golden Fiddle award at the age of twelve, and the senior award three years later. She is joined on this recording by her husband Ian Nicolson (accordion), Tom Anderson's pianist Violet Tulloch, and Andrew Tulloch (guitar), who was a member of the highly successful Shetland group Hom Bru.

01 King's Reel/The Perfect Host/Boys of Portaferry/Trad Reel
02 Twilight
03 St Gilbert's Hornpipe/The Fiddler's Wife/Chromatic Hornpipe
04 Annie
05 John D Burgess/Major Nickerson's Fancy/Dick Gossip's Reel
06 James F Dickie/J F Dickie's Delight
07 Sheilis
08 Branden's Centenniel Waltz/Waltz for Mary Ann/Raemona
09 Gravel Walk/Andy Renwick's Ferret/Old Mountain Road
10 Time for Thought
11 Theodore Napier/The Laid o' Mackintosh/The Earl of Lauderdale
12 Little Daisy/North King Street/Lady On the Island
13 Killavil Reel/Far From Home/Paddy On the Turnpike
14 Loretta
15 Frank & Maureen Robb/Grew's Hill/Duncan Black's Hornpipe/The Doon Hingin' Tie
16 Eele's Dream


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