Monday, 16 November 2009

Norman Kennedy (1968)

Norman Kennedy, Scots Songs and Ballads (Topic Records 12T 178, 1968)

Norman Kennedy from Aberdeen had several influences in his young life as a singer. As a boy he lived in the same street as Jeannie Robertson and her mother Maria, and near another giant of traveller singing stock, Davy Stewart. Annual holdiays on Barra gave him a grounding in Gaelic culture and song. If you're interested in traditional folksong, this album is a must.

01 The Merchant's Son
02 Corachree
03 The Forester
04 The Jolly Beggar
05 Kismul's Galley
06 The Guise o' Tough
07 Talk re Bothies
08 Drumdelgie
09 Night Visiting Song
10 Wi My Rovin Eye
11 I Wish, I Wish
12 The Auld Beggar Man
13 Puirt-a-beul
14 The Bonnie Highland Soldier
15 Johnny My Man


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  1. roberttexas said...
    "There are a number of Norman Kennedy videos on Youtube - posted with his permission. Robert Morecook"

  2. I am very pleased to hear this....I will be playing it to my buddy/helper next Wednesday afternoon.... within the confines of our Heritage Display at Cullen Memorial Hall...

    UNFORTUNATELY....track 7 "Talk re Bothies is CORRUPT....ah...weel....

    This is the real thing....though maybe Jeannie Robertson/Davy Stewart and not to say Jimmy MacBeath might have a thing or two to say about that.....

    Thanks very much for this....

  3. Thanks very much for this. I have the original LP.