Sunday, 1 November 2009

Alex Campbell: Chansons (1958)

Alex Campbell: Chansons Populaires des Etats-Unis (UniDisc 25119S, 1958)

Not Scottish material, but a Scottish artist. An early 10" LP from Scotland's original folksinger Alex Campbell, singing American folksongs, as he did many times through his career. The scans are not very good, as I only have a copy of the original cover.

01 Old Time Religion
02 No More Cane On the Brazis
03 East Virginia Blues
04 Battle Ship of Maine
05 John Henry
06 Freight Train
07 Foggy Mountain Top
08 Pretty Polly



  1. Thank you so much, I cannot believe that I actually found this now, after 30 years of search!

  2. It's a pleasure - I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of it from someone who knew I was collecting.

  3. Nigel
    I would not mind a copy of Battleship Maine at least . guess I should like the complete recording how do I get it to CD which I can play.


  4. Way back then....Alex introduced me to 'folk' (well his version) through the Society issues (to be had in Woolworths) e.g. Way out West etc....

    I recall playing Gresford Disaster to my dad (1967?) and it was the first time I had seem my dad greet!

    Hey ho and what a lp cover.....ah Alex....we won't see his like again....

  5. any chance this could be re-upped?