Monday, 14 February 2011

Cruachan: Traditional Music and Song (1987)

Cruachan: Traditional Music and Song (1987)

01 Sweeneys/Crucaharan Cross
02 Star of the County Down
03 The Shearin's No For You
04 Bonny Jean Cameron
05 St James's Infirmary
06 I Was a Young Man
07 Gone Fishin'
08 Mary Mack
09 Charlie O Charlie
10 Dingle Regatta/Skyemans Jig
11 Bonnie Bessie Logan
12 Leezie Lindsay
13 Jack Hagerty
14 Freedom Come All Ye

Extant 1986-92. A three-piece from the west of Scotland, This Cruachan (there was another group of the same name in the early 1970s) consisted of Jim Shearer (vocals, whistles, harmonica, bodhran), Mike McCormack (vocals, guitar, mandola, mandolin), and Steve Lawrence (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, dulcimer, low whistle). Lawrence had replaced Ross Kennedy, who left to join The Tannahill Weavers. As far as I know, Cruachan released at least three recordings, the first being this one. Stevie Lawrence went on to become involved in many musical outfits including Hot Toddy and The Iron Horse. Later members of the band were John Malcolm (vocals, guitar), Nigel Munro (mandolin, mandola, vocals) and David Munro.



  1. Hi. I've been meaning to comment on your blog in general but just haven't got around to it. As a fan of Scottish & Irish traditional music I have found your blog just a joy to explore. Living in the western US with basically zero access to music of this genre, most of the artists you have included I had never heard of until now. I can honestly say I've only run into one of your postings so far that I thought was just ok that being the Desperate Danz Band. Most have been superb. I especially like Yla Steven who plays with as much expression and feeling as anyone I have ever heard. The Gonnella's are all super. The 3 Fiddle Miscellany are all great compilations as are the ones you've put together from 78 sources. I could go on but I think you get the drift. Hopefully you'll continue to share this great music for a long time.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi,

    I don't suppose you have any solo Paddie Bell do you?

  3. Thanks for your comments, guys. I've been very busy teaching music and so on, but I haven't abandoned the blog. In addition I bought a new printer/scanner which is proving tericky, so I can't easily scan covers, etc. I'll get there.

    Julian - sorry I don't think I've got any solo Paddie Bell. I've got solo Roy Williamsdon and solo Ronnie Browne which I'll add if they're not already available on CD.