Sunday, 16 January 2011

Various Artists: The Hoot'nanny Show Vol 1 (1964)

Various Artists: The Hoot'nanny Show Vol 1 (1964)

Side One:
01 The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell: Jug o' Punch
02 Ray & Archie Fisher: Leave Her Johnny
03 Ray & Archie Fisher: Poor Bill
04 Eleanor Leith: What Have they Done to the Rain
05 Eleanor Leith: Still I Love Him
06 The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell:: Hanging Johnny
Side Two:
01 The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell: Finnegan's Wake
02 Paddie Bell: She Moved Thro' the Fair
03 Dolina McLennan: Peurt a Beul
04 Dolina McLennan: Dee An Auld Maid in a Garret
05 Ray & Archie Fisher: Backgreen Ballad
06 Eleanor Leith: I Aince Loved a Lad
07 The Company: We Shall Overcome

An absolute gem of a live recording from the Edinburgh of November 1963. Beautiful, beautiful performances from The Corrie Folk Trio and Paddie Bell, Ray and Archie Fisher, Eleanor Leith and Dolina McLennan. Since this is a continuous live performance, I have not separated the tracks, so there are only two: Side One and Side Two.


Companion album to
Various Artists: The Hoot'nanny Show Vol 2 (1964)


  1. Wow, thanks for the Jean Redpath and these 2 hoot'nanny albums!

    I can't seem to get hold of this one though; it seems the link is dead or malfunctioning. Could you please re-post?

  2. Oh boy, never mind it just worked fine; maybe they were doing maintenance at the server....