Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Crofters (Edinburgh, mid-1960s)

The Crofters, pictured above singing at the YMCA in central Edinburgh, 1966. Pictured left to right are, Steve Brown (banjo, vocals), Pat Ledgerwood (lead vocals), Aly Fraser (vocals), Sandy Scott (mandolin) and George Anderson (guitar). Based in Edinburgh, they performed for about three or four years, made a demo recording, and appeared on the radio, but no official recording was ever released. Pat Ledgerwood went to live in Canada, and still sings. Steve Brown is still in Edinburgh, retired, and is learning penny whistle. No connection to the Aberdeen-based Crofters (see this post).


  1. Is there a doonload link please?

  2. I'm afraid this group never released any records, Phil, so no doonload.

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