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 Schiehallion: On the Face of It (1986)

Another two cassette recordings, and again I know little about the group Schiehallion. I do know that they put on performances with visuals, songs and stories with a theme. One of their first such events, called A Window on the Eildons, was presented in the library at Abbotsford House in the Borders, which was the home of writer Sir Walter Scott. Some of the songs from that performance are on this album, On the Face of It (1986). Ian Robson (vocals, guitars), Noelle Johnston (vocals, bodhran) and Richard Johnston (vocals, guitar) were joined by Alex Wands (double bass, fiddle), to record good Scottish folk fare.

01 Come With Me, Walk With Me
02 The Black Douglas
03 The Queen's Maries
04 The Lammas Tide
05 Jock o' Hazeldean
06 The Wark o' the Weavers
07 Ye Jacobites By Name
08 Fiddle Medley
09 You Are the New Day
10 The Castle o' Dromore
11 The Rose of Allendale
12 Bonnie Dundee

320CBR, covers included


Schiehallion: Forward to the Past (1988)

Two years later and another cassette from Schiehallion. Same line up as last time with the addition of Mike Davidson on mandolin, cello and tin whistle. Many of the songs on this album come from another of their stage presentations, this time A Tapestry of Fortune - a tribute to "famous historical characters in word, picture and song." Track 10 - Doon in the Wee Room - was recorded live in St Boswell's Village Hall, near to where singer Ian Robson lived.

01 A Tapestry of Fortune
02 Flodgarry
03 Ye Banks and Braes
04 The Execution of Montrose
05 Queen Mary's Lament
06 Rise, Rise, Lowland and Highlandmen
07 Johnny Cope
08 O' A' the Airts/My Love She's But a Lassie Yet/There was a Lad
09 Annie Laurie
10 Doon in the Wee Room
11 Ladies' Evening Song
12 Lady Mary
13 Goodnight and Joy

320CBR, covers included

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