Saturday, 31 October 2009

Chapter Four: Hanging Around Stirling (1981)

Chapter Four: Hanging Around Stirling (Bridge Records BRJ 001, 1981)

Chapter Four were from Stirling, and consisted of Peter Davie (concertina, accordion, keyboards), Bill Paterson (guitar), Robin Duncan (mandolin, whistle, guitar), Tommy Quinn (bodhran, mouthorgan) and Ian Scott (banjo, guitar, mandolin). They formed in the mid-1970s at the long-running folk club at Stirling's Golden Lion Hotel.

This is a good example of a local folk group venturing into a self-published recording. There is a good selection of songs, presented well, with three instrumental sets as well. I don't know how many copies of this LP were pressed, but it's fairly rare now; I've seen copies for sale for over £50.

01 Row Bullies Row
02 Freedom Come-All-Ye (Hamish Henderson)
03 Corn Rigs-Drunken Piper-Miss Forbes Farewell to Banff
04 Three Score and Ten (Ewan MacColl)
05 93rds Farewell to Edinburgh-Laird o'Drumblair-Lass o'Patie'sMill
06 Three Nights and a Sunday (Matt McGinn)
07 No Use for Him (Eric Bogle)
08 All For Me Grog
09 Captain Byng-The Ballydesmond Polka
10 Band o' Shearers
11 No Man's Land (Eric Bogle)



  1. Sad news, but thanks for letting me know.

  2. I have a copy of this which I believe is signed by tommy quinn. Looking to sell if anyone is interested or could direct me to a website to sell it on. Thanks