Monday, 26 April 2010

The National Fiddle Championship, 1977

The National Fiddle Championship, 1977 (EMI Records NTS 130, 1977)

01 Yla Steven: Balmoral Castle/Glen Grant/The Gladstone (all Scott Skinner)
02 Yla Steven: Dunkeld House (Gow)/Lads o' Dunse
03 Iain Laing: Dean Brig of Edinburgh (Archie Allan)/Banks (Parazotti)
04 Donald Montgomery: Lament for James Moray of Abercairney (Gow)
05 Donald Montgomery: Leaving Glenurquhart/Bob Steel/Pretty Peggy
06 Donald Montgomery: The Valley of Silence (Scott Skinner)
07 Angus Cameron: Marquis of Huntly's Farewell/John McNeill
08 Angus Cameron: H Mackworth (Wm Marshall)/Eugene Stratton
09 Douglas Lawrence: Earl Grey (James Hill)/Waverley Ball (John Lowe)
10 Douglas Lawrence: Lady Charlotte Campbell (Macintosh)
11 Douglas Lawrence: Duchess Bedford (Marshall)/Miss Wharton Duff of Orton (Marshall)/Miss Wharton Duff's Jig (Marshall)/Bee's Wing (James Hill)

This competition was organised by Lothian Regional Council as part of the International Clan Gathering in 1977. Judges were Tom Anderson, the renowned Shetland fiddler, Bill Hardie from Aberdeenshire, and Jim Hunter. Douglas Lawrence from Banffshire, at that time a student, won the contest. He had been taught by the legendary Hector MacAndrew. Angus Cameron was runner-up and Yla Steven third. The standard of fiddling on the record is high, especially considering that it was recorded live in front of a capacity audience in the Usher Hall in Edinburgh.


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  1. Hello and many thanks for these fascinating recordings! I would've never imagined hearing recordings of a Scottish fiddling championship from the 70s! It's a great slice of real history you're sharing.

    I haven't gone through but a fraction of your blog so far and I was wondering, just in general, if there are any non-Scottish recordings here or if it's 100% Scottish.

  2. My passion is Scottish music, Mike, so it'll be all Scottish stuff here. Were you looking for something else?