Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fiddle Miscellany Vol.4 (2011)

Fiddle Miscellany Vol.4 (2011)

Another compilation of odd tracks from LPs and radio programmes featuring some less well known Scottish fiddlers.

01 Alexander Bain: 74th's Farewell to Edinburgh/Lady Madeline Sinclair/£10 Fiddle
02 Angus Fitchet: The Dying Year:The Autocrat
03 Donald McAllister: MacPherson's Farewell
04 Douglas Lawrence: Lament for Harry Lumsden
05 Fiona Leggat: Prince Charlie's Last View/Niel Gow's Wife/The Old Reel
06 Gillian Yellop: Edgefauld House/Craigellachie Bridge/Donald Stewart the Piper
07 Ian Powrie: Kenny Thomson's Comps to Ian Powrie/A Tribute to Stan Hamilton/Peerie Willie
08 Pibroch MacKenzie: Highland Barn Dance
09 Bill Macpherson: Miss Stewart of Grandtully's Strathspey & reel
10 Robin Williamson: Stirling Castle
11 Angus Fitchet: Melody for Jim McFarlane
12 Jack Lindsay: Bonnyrigg Chase/Bobby Colgan/Morag's Reel
13 Betty Henderson: Lament for Archie Beaton
14 Betty Henderson: The Master Stroke


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  1. Odd tracks they maybe but there are some really good ones among them. A FIST CLASS SELECTION. Thank you so much.