Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lomond Folk: Flower of Scotland (1974)

Lomond Folk: Flower of Scotland (1974)

Lomond Folk were Robin Campbell (born c1944) and Donald Brown (born c1948), a Glasgow-based duo who sang fairly standard folk fare and some self-penned songs. They met in 1962, but it wasn't till 1967 that their mutual interest in folk music led to the formation of Lomond Folk. As well as touring Scotland, they were the hosts of the Black Bull folk club in Milngavie for five years. This was their debut album.

01 Cam Ye By Atholl
02 Carles of Dysart
03 The Water Is Wide
04 The Canongate
05 Come Sail With Me
06 Rattlin Roarin Willie
07 Farmyard Medley
08 Flower of Scotland
09 Piper o' Dundee
10 Land of Dreams
11 Bonnie Glenshee
12 Shades of Amber
13 The Deil's Awa Wi the Exciseman
14 Sad Goodbye

Front and back covers included


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  1. An interesting selection. Thank you very much.