Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Master (1980)

Ron Gonnella: Scottish Fiddle Master (1980)

The late Ron Gonnella taught at Morrison's Academy in Crieff, Perthshire, for many years. When he wasn't there he was travelling the world playing Scottish fiddle, recording albums, and performing on radio, stage and dance halls. His great love was the music of the Golden Age of Scots fiddle, typified by the compositions of Niel and Nathaniel Gow, Robert Mackintosh, William Marshall and Joseph Lowe. Although there are pops and crackles and the odd jump on this vinyl recording, the music shines through.

01 Annie Laurie/Miss Barstow's Reel/Miss Robertson
02 Bert Gonnella's Jig/Lizzie Duncan's Fancy
03 Dandie Dinmont/Sir David Davidson of Cantray
04 Miss Campbell of Saddell/Miss Sophia Campbell's Reel
05 Willie Smith/The Morrisonian Strathspey/James Millar, Bullionfield
06 Durisdeer
07 Herbie MacLeod's Hornpipe/Ron Gonella Comps to Senator Robt Byrd of W Virginia
08 Miss Mary Lee's Delight/Miss Marianne Oliphant/Hon Mrs Maule's Reel
09 Johnny Faa/Miss Agnes Loudon/Rachael Rae
10 Prince of Wales/Sauteuse/Jamie Gow, Crathie Bellman
11 Bonny Aboyne/Mr Eager's Strathspey/Miss Sandra Webster
12 Jamie Lyall/Willie Blair/Rut Bell's Reel
13 Miss J Rose's Reel/Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive/The Good Doctor
14 Willie's Fair, and Willie's Rare/Flowers of the Forest
15 Miss Gray of Carse/The Fife and Forfar Hunt's Fav/The Forfar Hunt

Front and back covers included



  1. Top recording, from hauntingly beautiful to lively and gay. Thank you.

  2. ah, this posting makes my day and no mistake !