Saturday, 25 December 2010

Blackeyed Biddy: Guid Niebours (c1984)

Blackeyed Biddy: Guid Niebours (c1984)

01 Blackeyed Biddy/Fasten the Leg in Her/The Kinnegad Slashers
02 The Rowan Tree/Yellow's On the Broom (McNaughtan)
03 Misty Covered Mountains/Skyman's Jig/Sally Gardens
04 Earl o' March's Daughter (McClelland)
05 Workin' Chap
06 Lord Inchiquin
07 Johnny Jump Up
08 Dunphies/The Rights of Man/Pretty Maggie Morrissey
09 Dixie Darlin' (A P Carter)

This was Blackeyed Biddy's first album and featured Lionel McClelland (whistle, guitar, double bass, vocals), Billy Henderson (vocals, guitar, mandola) and Kris Koren (mandolin, mandola, vocals, banjo, guitar, bodhran), with "Nick" playing fiddle on one track. There is no date anywhere on the sleeve or record, but I estimate it at mid-1980s.


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