Saturday, 18 December 2010

Various Artists: The Streets of Glasgow (1973)

Various Artists: The Streets of Glasgow (1973)

01 The Clutha: Dance Tune Medley
02 Terry Dick: Football Song Medley
03 Flora MacNeill: MacDonald's First Visit to Glasgow
04 Geordie McIntyre: The Sports o' Glasgow Green
05 Freddy Anderson: Let Glasgow Flourish
06 John Eaglesham: The Collier's Eight Hour Day
07 Gordeanna McCulloch: The Weekend Song
08 Geordie McIntyre: O'Reilly and the Big MacNeill
09 Gordeanna McCulloch & The Clutha: Bottling Songs
10 Gordeanna McCulloch: The Bleacher Lassie o' Kelvinhaugh
11 Geordie McIntyre: Three Nights and a Sunday Double Time
12 Barmulloch Primary School: Children's Street and Playground Songs
13 Mick Broderick: The Ballad of the Q4
14 Geordie McIntyre: The Works Outing
15 The Clutha: March Tune Medley

A marvellous collection of songs and tunes relating to Glasgow, sung and played by The Clutha, Geordie McIntyre, John Eaglesham, Mick Broderick, Gordeanna McCulloch and Flora MacNeill.


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  1. Thank you !! I have been looking for this one for a long time :))