Monday, 27 December 2010

Scotch Measure (1985)

Scotch Measure (1985)

01 Ythanside
02 For A' That
03 The Brewer Laddie
04 Wild Rovin'
05 The Bonnie Lad That Handles the Plough
06 The Swallow
07 The Laird o' the Dainty Dounby
08 The Calton Weaver
09 The Handweaver and The Factory Maid
10 The Twa Magicians

Scotch Measure were Jim Barnes (guitar, cittern, vocals), Sylvia Barnes (vocals, dulcimer, guitar) and Andy Lavery (keyboards, vocals), and the group were based around Sylvia's voice. She and her husband Jim had been in Glasgow group Tinkler Maidgie, then Kentigern, before a tour of duty with The Battlefield Band.



  1. Thanks for "The Measure" You may be interested in Kentigern the similar group with the same lead artists. Just re-posted on my blog.

  2. Yes, I have tehe Kentigern record, but since it's available elsewhere, I'll concentrate on things which probably aren't.

  3. Thanks so much for Scotch Measure. Oh my gosh, I have been looking for this since the 80's with no luck. Time to get it out to the public. Such a great record. iTunes, do you hear me?