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Seannachie: Take Note! (1988)

Seannachie: Take Note! (1988)

01 Twa Corbies/Cairnscarrow/Salisbury Crags
02 MacLean of Pennycross/Lady Madalina Sinclair/Gillan's Reel/The Brolum
03 Fine Flowers in the Valley
04 Airthrey Castle/Da Sixereen/Mickie Ainsworth/Gordon's Favourite/Millbrae
05 Jeannie Cameron
06 Gin Ye Kiss My Wife, I'll Tell the Minister
07 Johnny Cope
08 Mhairi Bhan Og/The Bride's Reel/Andy Renwick's Ferret/Trip to Windsor

By Seannachie's second album Take Note, the only original member was John Borland (bouzouki). Newer members Simon Thoumire (concertina, keyboards, whistles), Donald Gorman (fiddle), Elspeth Cowie (vocals, bodhran) and Derek Harkins (guitar) combined with Borland to release this record, which has a different feel to the first (Within the Fire): gone are the Irish instrumentals, to be replaced with a staunchly Scottish repertoire, and the interplay between Thoumire's concertina and Gorman's fiddle produces a unique sound.


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