Friday, 14 January 2011

The Corrie Folk Trio and Paddie Bell (1963)

The Corrie Folk Trio and Paddie Bell (Waverley ELP129, 1963)

01 Lock the Door Lariston
02 O'er the Water
03 Jug o' Punch
04 Singing Bird

The Corrie Folk Trio's first recordings consisted of three EPs published on the Edinburgh-based Waverley Records label in 1963. The artists were Roy Williamson and Ronnie Browne (both from Edinburgh art school), Bill Smith (an architect) and Irish-born singer Paddie Bell, by this time resident in Edinburgh. The EPs sold very well, and were re-released soon afterwards. At this time The Corrie Folk trio and Paddie Bell were in the ascendancy, and before long sell-out tours, television appearances and LPs were the norm. These three EPs are almost fifty years old, but the strength of the performance is evident, and are significant for heralding the arrival of The Corries.



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  2. I keep forgetting to say "Thank You". Your offerings are astounding to a Yank like me who's been exposed to very little more than the Clancy Brothers in the Celtic genre.
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  3. You're welcome, oldfolkie, but thanks for saying thanks. This music is my passion, and I'm delighted to share it.