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Norfolk and Joy (1979)

Norfolk and Joy (1979)

01 Mason's Apron
02 Peggy Gordon
03 Dainty Davie
04 Braes of Mar
05 Glencoe Massacre (McLean)
06 Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
07 Hen's March
08 Leezie Linzay
09 Lowlands Away
10 Bonnie Dundee
11 John Anderson My Jo
12 Come By the Hills (W G Smith)

Norfolk were Les Russell (lead vocals, guitar), Dick Walinck (bass guitar, double bass) and Billy Cranston  (fiddle, whistle, mandolin, bouzouki). Joy Greig (mistakenly Greigs on the sleeve) was a friend of the group and occasionally got up to sing with them on stage. She was asked to sing a few tracks on the LP. Before Norfolk, Joy sang with Linda Wyman under the the name The Joylins, performing around Scotland between 1972 and 1976. She also sang with a group called Buzzard.

Norfolk were active in Edinburgh during the 1970s, and were often seen in Edinburgh's Amber Mile - Royal Terrace, where a number of small hotels held folk nights each weekend.

Billy Cranston had been in Edinburgh duo Broadside (with George Fenning) and in the group Homebrew (with George Fenning and Johnny Cunningham, later of Silly Wizard fame). Later he moved to Holland, where he lived with his Dutch wife and their daughter, where they were friendly with Davey Steele. Billy died in a car accident in Holland in 1984. In his memory his widow ran a folk festival in Holland.

Dick Walinck became active in the jazz scene, playing with The East End Jazz Band for ten years. He had a reacquaintance with folk with stints in Callanish and Drombeg, and could often be seen playing trad jazz in The West End Jazz Band, who played in Linlithgow.


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