Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Deseprate Danz Band: Send Three and Fourpence… (1989)

Desperate Danz Band: Send Three and Fourpence… (1989)

01 Gay Gordons/Loch Ruan/Joe Hutton's March
02 The Tenpenny Bit/Calliope House/The Skyeman's Jig/Banks of the Allan/The Connachtman's Rambles
03 The Poppyleaf/Johnny Will You Marry Me/Brose and Butter
04 Pipe Major Jim Christie of Wick
05 72nd's Farewell to Aberdeen/Jim Anderson's Delight
06 The Reconciliation/The Barrowburn Reel/The Fairy Dance
07 The West Coaster/The Rights of Man/The Hut On Staffin Island
08 Trip to Sligo/Morrison's Jig/Peter's Peerie Boat/Saddle the Pony
09 Cameron's Farewell to Red Gap/The Inverness Gathering

Desperate Danz Band were from Abderdeen and consisted of Dave Francis (guitar, mandolin, bodhran), John Carnie (lead guitar, rhythm guitar), Lynn O'Shay (flute, keyboards), Louise Mackenzie (fiddle), Ron Grant (bass, acoustic bass) and Stuart Ritchie (drums). They were a working dance band, active at a point in Scotland when ceilidh dancing was on the rise. Dave Francis, who had come from The Reel Aliens, now plays with his wife, fiddler Mairi Campbell, as The Cast. John Carnie, who with Janice Clark and Spider Mackenzie had been known as Off the Tracks, has recently released a solo album of Scottish music played on guitar.



  1. Thanks for The Desperate Danz band. Iain MacDonald was a member of this band at a time - I had a very good solo album by Iain called "Beneath Still Waters", which may have been produced by Dick Gaughan. Haven't heard it in years, I wonder if you could post it.

    Thanks again,

    Joe in Dublin.

    1. Hi this is Iain MacDonald. I am still around, writing, recording and gigging. You can catch up with what I am up to and hear some of my music on my website www.imac-music.co.uk.