Friday, 7 January 2011

The Laggan: Scottish Folk Songs (1975)

The Laggan: Scottish Folk Songs (1975)

01 John MacLean
02 Mickey's Warning
03 Bay of Biscay O
04 Nancy
05 Lovin' Hannah
06 Banks o' Ayr
07 Band o' Shearers
08 The Dark Island/Chief O'Neil's Favourite
09 The Lark In the Morning
10 Twa Recruitin Sergeants
11 Rosie Anderson
12 The Wee Room

The Laggan were formed in the late 1960s/early 1970s in Glasgow. An early member was guitarist Brian Miller who later became involved with The Occasionals. One of the stalwarts of The Laggan was Arthur Johnstone (vocals) who also started the Star Folk Club in Glasgow in 1978. Alongside Johnstone were John MacDermott (banjo, harmonica), Tony Patton (guitar, mandolin, harmonica, vocals) and Billy Patton (fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bouzouki, vocals). I think they only recorded two albums, this one and I Am the Common Man (1978). MacDermott died in 2009, while Johnstone still performs as part of the Stars Band with Brian Miller and Chalie Soane. Billy Patton worked in a group called Patti O'Doors who released one LP that I know about.



  1. Thank you for all the hrd work you put in. I very much appreciate hearing groups new to me.

    This particular record was released in 1975 according to the Arfolk discography at

  2. Thanks for leading me to the ARFOLK discography. I was going to search to see if there was such a thing, and you've saved me the trouble!

  3. Hi, I found another release of The Laggan. It's called: Gie It Laldy (Give It All)on the label FIST catalog IAMB/ 1. It is in my collection which you can view in DISCOGS.