Saturday, 8 January 2011

Drinkers Drouth: When the Kye Comes Hame (1982)

Drinkers Drouth: When the Kye Comes Hame (1982)

01 Let Me In This Ae Nicht/Merrily Kissed the Quaker
02 Dream Angus
03 Birnie Bouzle
04 Heave Ya Ho
05 When the Kye Comes Hame
06 The Prickly Bush
07 Cam Ye O'er Frae France/The Store Cheque
08 Wha'll Dreg a Buckie/O
09 Tiree Love Song
10 Gospel Ship

Drinkers Drouth formed in 1974 in Edinburgh with Jack Aitken (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, autoharp), Dave Black (vocals, mandolin, fiddle, bouzouki), Tony Dougan (vocals, guitar) and Brian Dougan (vocals, mouth organ). In 1981 they appeared on the same bill as Davy Steele (vocals, guitar, banjo, whistle), and immediately invited him to join the group. Two albums followed, this one and Bound to Go (1984) before they disbanded in 1976. Davy Steele became known as a member of  Ceolbeg and The Battlefield Band; sadly he died in 2001. Brian Dougan also died in 2009.


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