Friday 20 November 2009

Arthur Scott Robertson, Champion's Choice (n.d.)

Arthur Scott Robertson, Champion's Choice (Spectrum Records FLP 5020, n.d.)

Like many fiddlers from Shetland, Arthur Scott Robertson (1911-2000)
loved Scottish fiddle music, and it was in this genre that he won the Scottish Fiddle Championship competition of 1969. His first recording shorty afterwards was Scotland's Champion Fiddler, and was followed by this one. Robertson was also a prolific composer, publishing his Musical Reflections in five volumes in the 1980s.

01 The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord/Tulchan Lodge/The Burn o' Forgue
02 Mrs Maj Stewart of Java/25 KOSB's Farewell to Meerut/Jenny Dang the Weaver
03 Captain Campbell/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
04 Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr Donald/Sandy Cameron/Gavin McMillan
05 Lament for Sir Harry Lumsden/The Fiddler's Cramp [h]
06 Mull of the High Mountains/Whistle O'er the Lave O't/The Flowers of Edinburgh
07 The College Hornpipe/The Rocket Hornpipe/Adrian Stuart
08 The Blackthorn Stick/The Rollicking Irishman/The Irish Washerwoman
09 Rose Wood/Leaving Lismore/74th's Farewell to Edinburgh
10 The Rakes of Kildare/Robbie's Wedding/Tom O' Browland
11 Morag of Dunvegan/Mrs Charles Sutherland/Charles Sutherland
12 The Mason's Apron
13 Fyvie Castle/Johnny Cope
14 JO Forbes of Corse/The Champion Hornpipe
15 Farewell to Huntly/Blair Drummond/Marquis of Tullibardine


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