Saturday 21 November 2009

Arthur Scott Robertson, Scotland's Champion Fiddler

Arthur Scott Robertson, Scotland's Champion Fiddler
Arthur Scott Robertson (1911-2000), from Shetland, won the Scottish Fiddle Championship competition of 1969, and I think this album followed on shortly from that. I don't have the original album any more, but I found this cassette copy recently, and thought it was worth preserving.

1) Clan McCol/Monymusk/The Rejected Suitor
2) The Dean Brig of Edinburgh/Bank's Hornpipe
3) The Braes of Castle Grant/Struan Robertson
4) Mrs Helen N Robertson/Lady Anne Hope/Sullom Voe
5) Vagaland
6) Shetland Polka/Bob Bisset of Glenlyon/Ian and Isobel of Balnearn
7) Farewell to Gartly/The Beeswing Hornpipe
8) Leaving Glenurquart/The Devil in the Kitchen/The High Road to Linton
9) The Marquis of Huntly's Snuffmill/Dr Keith/Dr Neil Cadenhead
10) The Burning of the Piper's Hut/Lady Margaret Stewart
11) The Lightfoot Hornpipe/Castles in the Air/The Trumpet Hornpipe
12) Kinrara/The Second Star Hornpipe


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