Sunday 8 November 2009

Dundee Folk (1977)

Dundee Folk (Better Bacon Records PIG1, 1977)

This LP was part of the 1978 Dundee Students' Charities Campaign, and featured local groups, or artists who were in Dundee at the time. Singing on the record were:

Aileen Carr, a very fine traditional singer from Perthshire. Aileen went on to perform solo and in groups, including stints in Ceolbeg and Palaver. Her solo album, Green Yarrow, is available from Greentrax Records.

Dingly Dell, who were Dave Davidson (guitar, vocals), and Chic Batchelor (guitar and mandolin), who played together as Top Flight. They became Dingly Dell when Jan Caldon (tin whistle) joined. They took their name from the Lindisfarne album. Later, Dave Davidson formed The Jacobites and recorded several albums. Dave unfortunately died in a car crash aged 46 in 1992.

Haigh-Barrie-Weir, who sang the songs of Lindsay Barrie from Glenrothes. Others in the group were Julie Haigh from Chester and Barrie Weir from Kirkcaldy.

Fair Game, who were a close-harmony a capella group singing English folk carols. Debbie LeSurf was the sister of Cathy LeSurf of the English group Fiddlers Dram. The other singers were Linda Clark and Nina Wilson.

Chris Davies, a Welsh singer/songwriter.

01 Aileen Carr-Grat for Gruel
02 Dingly Dell-Balena
03 Haigh-Barrie-Weir-Rainbow Hill (Barrie)
04 Fair Game-Boars Head Carol
05 Dingly Dell-The Tailor
06 Haigh-Barrie-Weir-From the Armchair (Barrie)
07 Fair Game-Agincourt
08 Fair Game-Coventry Carol
09 Dingly Dell-Banks of the Roses
10 Aileen Carr-Corrachree
11 Chris Davies-Judith (Davies)
12 Haigh-Barrie-Weir-Cool for You (Barrie)
13 Aileen Carr-T Stands for Thomas


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