Monday, 9 November 2009

Contraband ( 1974)

Contraband (Transatlantic TRA 278, 1974)

This is quite a rare record, but it's wonderful, and as far as I know, it hasn't been released on CD. Folk-rock band Contraband from Glasgow only recorded this one LP, but its members made quite a mark on the folk scene. The vocalist, Mae McKenna (sister of Hugh McKenna of The Sensational Alex Harvey Band), has recorded several CDs and has done some film work as well. John Martin (fiddle), George Jackson (mandolin, accordion, guitar, fiddle, banjo) and Billy Jackson (bass guitar, cello, double bass, vocal) went on to form the highly acclaimed folk group Ossian. The other members were Peter Cairney (electric guitar) and Alec Baird (drums - later played with The Jags).

01 Rattlin' Roarin' Willie
02 The Black Rogue/Sir Philip McHugh/ Alice Cooper's Favourite
03 Lady for Today (Rosemary Hardin)
04 The Devil's Fiddle (John Martin)
05 On the Road (Billy Jackson)
06 The Spanish Cloak/Pea-Pod McGinley/The Youngest Daughter
07 Alec's Interlude
08 Stainforth Blues (John Martin/Peter Cairney)
09 Come Up Smiling (Richard Digence)
10 The Banks of Claudy
11 Edward Sayers' Brass Band (Richard Digence)



  1. This was released on CD. I picked my copy up in Glasgow about 10 years ago in a music shop in (I think) Parnie Street. The owner told me it had been re-released as a result of Ossian fans demand.

    I am however searching for the 3 Mae McKenna albums on Transatlantic to be re-released on CD. They are long overdue.

    1. They are about to be released by BGO Records on 29th September 2023.

  2. can l use your text to describe my copy of the album