Sunday 22 November 2009

The Jacobites (1981)

The Jacobites (Ptarmigan Records PT 001, 1981)

The Jacobites centred around the late Dave Davidson from Tayport. This incarnation featured Dave on lead vocals, guitar and Brian Lochrie from Perth on vocals, guitar and banjo. This was the first recording as The Jacobites. The cover photographs see the duo in front of The Unicorn frigate in Dundee's docks.

01 Ye Jacobites
02 The Lifeboat Mona (Peggy Seeger)
03 The Gallowa' Hills
04 Dainty Davie
05 Bonnie Glenshee
06 Island Spinning Song
07 A Man's a Man
08 The Balaena
09 Bonnie Brown Maid
10 Roving Journeyman
11 Jamie Raeburn
12 Bonnie Dundee
13 Loch Lomond
14 Scots Wha Hae

Front and back covers included.

Other albums featuring The Jacobites:
Dundee Folk (1977) (as Dingly Dell)

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