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Fergie MacDonald: Come Dancing (c1966)

Fergie MacDonald: Come Dancing (c1966)

01 Bonawe Highlanders/MacLeod of Mull
02 Rose of Arranmore/Tramps and Hawkers/Forty Shades of Green
03 Old man of OA/Croonan Nan Tonn/Little Todd/Fairy Love Song/Paddy O'Rafferty
04 Marie's Wedding/Mormond Braes/Lass o' Fyvie/Barnyards o' Delgaty/Bratach Bana
05 Forlorn Bard/Leaving Lewis/Mingulay
06 Mason's Apron/Blackberry Bush/Stack of Wheat
07 Thistle of Scotland/Road to the Isles/The Black Mill
08 Arthur Bignall of Lochrosque/Hugh Alexander
09 Roddy McCorley/McPherson's Rant/Lord Lovat's Lament
10 Bonnie Flora/Farewell to Skye/My Love, the Maiden Fair
11 Duke of Atholl/Wee Murdie/Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre/Jean Ireland
12 Morag Made the Wedding/The Whisky Man/Wee Man from Skye/Calum Beag
13 Duke of Perth/This Is Nae My Ain Lassie/Caddum Wood/Rakes of Mallow

Button accordionist Fergie MacDonald is held with considerable affection in Scotland, celebrated for basic hard-core ceilidh music. His band was formed in 1960, and this early recording (his second album after Dance To Your Partner") probably dates from around 1966, when Fergie was resident at the Highlanders' Institute in Glasgow. Over twenty albums followed this, and Fergie is as much listened to today as he ever was.


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