Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Robin Hall: The Ballad of Johnny Ramensky (1959)

Robin Hall: The Ballad of Johnny Ramensky (1959)

01 The Ballad of Johnny Ramensky (Norman Buchan)
02 The Day We Went to Rothesay O (trade)

Robin Hall featured in the folk revival of the late 1950s in London. Originally from Edinburgh, he was one of a number of Scottish exiles in the capital. He combined with another Scot, Jimmie Macgregor and together they became the most successful folksingers in the country for many years.

Johnny Ramensky was a safecracker who spent more time behind bars than in freedom. His persona was as someone who could escape from any jail - he certainly did escape a few times, but the fact that he spent a total of forty-odd years in prison does not indicate a Houdini-type character!


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  1. "In 1942, while serving another sentence in Peterhead, he was given an opportunity to put his undoubted skills to better use. The army offered him commando training and membership of an elite unit that would be dropped behind enemy lines to blow up infrastructure and steal important documents. It was an opportunity that Gentleman Johnny accepted.

    He served with great distinction and was among the first wave of Allied troops into Rome, blowing up the safes in fourteen embassies – in one day."

    iHe was a very good escape artist and also very good at being recaptured. http://www.firstfoot.com/Great%20Scot/ramensky.htm