Monday, 22 November 2010

Various Artists: Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (1979)

Various Artists: Sandy Bell's Ceilidh (1979)

01 Bell's Big Ceilidh Band: An Comhra Donn/The Galway Hornpipe/The Strand
02 The McCalmans: John Barleycorn
03 Aly Bain: Fort Charlotte/Calum Donaldson
04 Chorda: The Lea Rig
05 Dick Gaughan: The Cruel Brother
06 Bell's Chorus: Lowlands Away
07 Liz & Maggie Cruikshank: Sandy Bell's Man
08 The McCalmans: Kirsteen
09 Aly Bain: Crossing the Minch
10 Chorda: Johnny Sangster
11 Dick Gaughan: Sleepytoon
12 Bell's Chorus: Doon In  the Wee Room
13 Bell's Big Ceilidh Band: The Lilting Fisherman/Lough Gowna/Sweet Biddy Daly

Sandy Bell's is the name given to a pub in Edinburgh which has been a centre of folk music since the late 1940s. Until recently its official name was The Forest Hills Bar, but it was known by all in the know simply as Sandy Bell's (Sandy Bell never actually existed, but that's beside the point). Many singers and musicians spent time in the bar, which was also a favourite stop-off for touring folk musicians in Edinburgh for a concert. This album dates from 1979 and has a cross-section of some Bell's regulars: Dick Gaughan, Aly Bain, The McCalmans to name a few. Also on the album is the band Chorda - who later metamorphosed into Jock Tamson's Bairns.


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  1. John Barlycorn's got a bad skip

  2. Sorry about that - that's the trouble with vinyl. I'm just going to add a new link in the post to an edited version of that track...

  3. Thanks a bunch.. I appreciate it.

    I'm getting myself a pre-amp for my turntable and will start converting my lps to digital. I shudder to think what shape some of them are actually in!