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Fiddlers Three Plus Two Vol 2 (c1988)

Fiddlers Three Plus Two Vol 2 (c1988)

01 Flowers of Edinburgh/Bonnie Banchory/Roll Her On the Hill/Old Bog Hole
02 Light and Airy/Merry Girls of Dublin/The Fairies Dwelling/Jack Walsh
03 Inveran/Inspector Donald Campbell
04 Lasses Trust In Providence/Da Bressay Light/Road to Holigarth/Sleep Soond Ida Moarnin/Lay Dee At Dee
05 Sarona/The Buck o' the Cabrach/The Gladstone Reel
06 Airdie Lasses/Miss Sally Hunter/Lady Nellie Wemyss/Miss Grace Hay
07 Lord MacDonald's Reel/Over the Isles to America/The Sheepwife
08 Eight Men of Moidart/Banks of Clyde/Stourers Hornpipe/Polwart On the Green
09 Mr Michie/Kirrie Kebbuck/The Auld Wheel
10 Firth House Hornpipe/Shamrock Hornpipe/Lighfoot Hornpipe
11 He Mhairi Ho Mhairi/An T-Altan Dubh/Am Bata Rannach/Balaich An Iasgaich
12 Lord Rosslyn's Fancy/Drummond Castle/Jeanie's Blue Eeen/The Scottish Horse
13 Kelly's Reel/Jackie Colemans' Reel/Shehan's Reel/One of the Boys
14 Archie McKinley/Isabelle MacLean/The Lady in the Bottle

A second collection of tunes from Bob Christie, Gavin McIntyre and Hector McLeod, I estimate this one came out in about 1988.


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