Saturday, 13 November 2010

Iain McLachlan and Fergie MacDonald: Kings of the Button Keyed Box (1987)

Iain McLachlan and Fergie MacDonald: Kings of the Button Keyed Box (1987)

The late button accordionist Iain McLachlan of Benbecula is most famous for composing Dr Mackay's Farewell to Creagorry, which later become better known as The Dark Island. Not one for travelling a great deal, McLachlan lived all his life on the island. He had a great friendship with Fergie MacDonald, who regarded him as 'the greatest three-row button-box player in the Highlands and Islands'. In 1987 they finally got together and recorded this two-hander album, each taking seven tracks and duetting on the final one. Joining Iain and Fergie are John Carmichael on second accordion, David Flockhart on piano, the late Billy Thom on drums and Alasdair Macleod on bass.

01 Iain McLachlan: Major Manson/John MacDonald
02 Fergie MacDonald: Dungannon/Lilting Fisherman/Ballycastle
03 Iain McLachlan: The Dark Island
04 Fergie MacDonald: Mouth Music On the Box
05 Iain McLachlan: Saddle the Pony/Donald Iain Rankine/Jig of Slurs
06 Fergie MacDonald: Iain Rhuadh's Lament
07 Iain McLachlan: Hills of Perth/Barren Rocks of Aden
08 Fergie MacDonald: Lady In the Bottle/Wee Murdie's/Sweet Biddy Daly
09 Iain McLachlan: Lady Elspeth Campbell/Sprig of Ivy
10 Fergie MacDonald: Maggie Moss/Reunion Reel
11 Iain McLachlan: Uist Song/Rhu vaternish/Mo Cailin Don
12 Fergie MacDonald: Tom and Mima's Golden Wedding/Millbank Cottage
13 Iain McLachlan: Maggie's Reel
14 Fergie MacDonald: Addie Harper's/Maureen's/Ness Bothan
15 Iain and Fergie: Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban/Argyllshire Gathering



  1. hey Music Gatherer, I would very much like to download this gem, but alas, the download link seems to be missing !
    But that gives me the chance to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this wonderful blog and the great music you share with us !

  2. Oops! Sorry about that, Patrick. Link is there now.

  3. Is this the Fergie McDonald ?

  4. Yes, the one and only! There are apparently many Fergie stories, but I don't know them. John Carmichael, who played with Fergie on this album, told me that the producer needed written music for some reason, but it was so disorganised that it didn't materialise. Fergie recorded his stuff in the morning, then Iain MacLachlan arrived, they recorded their joint track, then Fergie went off to a gig while MacLachlan recorded his tracks.