Sunday, 14 November 2010

Fiddle Miscellany Vol.2

Fiddle Miscellany Vol.2 (compiled 2010)

Mark Winchester (Keith)
1. Miss Elspeth Campbell/Dr Shaw/Dundee Burns Club
2. The Coalburn/Dr Robertson/The Mason’s Apron
3. Linda’s Watz/Thingummyjig Polka
Addie Harper Jr (Wick)
4. Abercairney Highlanders
Gregor Borland (Inverness)
5. Lochaber Gathering
Bill Brian (Elgin)
6. 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh /The Iron Man /The Bungalow
7. Herr Roloff’s Farewell
8. Braes o’ Castle Grant /Laird o’ Thrums /Timour the Tartar
Bob Christie
9. Stirling Castle /Hey Ho My Bonnie Lass
10. Robertson Crescent/Harvest Home/Trumpet Hornpipe
Yla Steven (Edinburgh)
11. Dumbarton Castle
South of the Grampians
Marquis of Huntly
12. Roxburgh Castle/Staten Island/Kate Dalrymple/Soldier’s Joy/High Road to Linton
13. Sir Walter Douglas/Barren Rocks of Aden
Farquhar MacRae (Roshven)
14. Sandy Cameron/The Mason’s Apron
15. Traditional Highland Airs
Sandy & Andy Brown (Fife)
16. Earl of Dalhousie/Da Tushkar
17. Jolly Boys
Judith Davidson
18. John MacFadyen of Melfort

Here is the second compilation of odd tracks from various LPs in my collection. Once again, the majority are from fiddle competitions in the late 1970s, notably the Golden Fiddle Awards. Most of the fiddlers have not been featured in this blog before, Yla Steven and Bill Brian being the exceptions. However, the fiddling is still of a high standard, and it's worth giving it a listen.


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