Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bill Brian: A Fiddler's Tribute to Scott Skinner (1982)

Bill Brian: A Fiddler's Tribute to Scott Skinner (1982)

Bill Brian is from Elgin and has been involved with the Scots fiddle scene for many years as a performer, teacher and organiser. He is currently leader of The Elgin Strathspey and Reel Society, a post he took over from the great fiddler Willie MacPherson, also of Elgin. Brian is also a member of the Colin Donaldson Scottish Dance Band. On this album he is accompanied by Ena Anderson (later Ena Brian) on piano and organ, Frank Henery on guitar, and Brian Payne on bass. All the tunes on the LP were composed by James Scott Skinner.


01 Dumbarton Castle/Kirrie Kebbuck/Thrums Cairn
02 Rosacre
03 Mrs Christie/Laird o' Haughs/Eugene Stratton
04 Dr Morrison's/Professor Blackie/Farewell to Huntly
05 Sarona
06 Shakin's o' the Pocky/Miss Mary Walker
07 Lord Huntly's Cave/Dr McHardy/Dan Stewart
08 Dargai
09 Dr Keith/Ben Alligen
10 Bride's/Baker/Peter Gray/Scott Skinner
11 The Fallen Chief
12 Herr Roloff's Farewell/Mrs Chree/Carnie's Canter


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