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Heritage: Some Rantin' Rovin' Fun (1980)

Heritage: Some Rantin' Rovin' Fun (1980)

Heritage were a band regarded with some affection within the Scottish folk scene. They were born out of folk clubs and pub sessions in the mid-1970s and centred around Dunfermline in Fife. Founder member Jack Beck had been singing for years, solo and with fellow Fifer Barbara Dickson (1964-66). Other participants of the club scene who became part of the earliest Heritage were Jim Dunn (accordion), Davie Lockhart (fiddle), Mike o' Connor (fiddle), Mike Mustard (fiddle), Lindsay Porteous (jews harp, mouth organ, bodhran), George Haig (banjo) and Mark Milligan (bodhran). This line-up recorded this first Heritage LP, and unfortunately the recording quality is terrible; it was recorded quite primitively in a Fife village hall. I believe it was never meant to have been released, but served as a cassette souvenir for band members. However, it was 'remastered' and published in 1980 on No Bad Records. If you can get past the recording, the music is worthwhile, albeit a little like listening in to the local pub session.

01) The Blackthorn Stick/The Rakes of Kildare/Drowsie Maggie
02) Sleepytoon/The haughs o' Cromdale
03) The Reverend Archie Beaton
04) Cherish the Ladies/The Tenpenny Bit/The Frost is All Over
05) The Band o' Shearers
06) The Reel of Tulloch/The Athol Highlanders
07) Gordon's Favourite/Viellafjord/The Peerie Hoose A'hint the Burn
08) Dunfermline Feein' Mercat
09) Fanny Power
10) Lindsay's Reel/Flogging Reel
11) The Jig o' Slurs/The Hare in the Corn/Hartigan's Fancy
12) Hishie Ba'
13) Julia Delaney/The Foxhunter Jig


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  1. NOW this is serious nostalgia for one who lived for near on 40 years in the Auld Grey Toon...Jim Dunn lived for a while across the road (when I bade in Kelty)....Davy Lockhart had a fine style on his fiddle and Jean his wife was a sic fine wife.....Lindsay and his Jews there is/was an enthusiast...he came round the schools and one wonders how many he inspired in his own way? I saw George Haig perform in Dunfermline a year or two back...and Mark was a stalwart on the bodhran....Mike and Mike could fair dirl oot a tune and Jack cut his teeth in this band....WOW....thanks for the posting....

    I have the original and would send you an image...I've left my email over on your latest posting.....

    Thanks very much for sharing this....