Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tom Anderson: Shetland Fiddle Music (c 1970)

Tom Anderson: Shetland Fiddle Music (Thule Records SNI 214, c.1970)

This is an EP (extended play 45rpm record) published in about 1970 by a small Shetland label called Thule Records. Being an old record, it's a little scratchy, but the sheer magnificence of Anderson's playing obscures any background noise. As usual, the tracks are a mixture of traditional Shetland tunes and pieces from the Scottish repertoire. Anderson performs both with, in my opinion, brilliance. This is an absolute treasure of a recording - enjoy!

01 Sail Her Ower the Raftress/Deil Stick da Minister/Taste da Green
02 Second Star Hornpipe/Madam Vanoni
03 Da Forefit o' da Ship/Sleep Soond ida Mornin'/Lasses Trust in Providence
04 Soo's Lament for Tatties
05 The Hens March O'er da Midden

Tom Anderson fiddle
Marjory Smith piano


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  1. Thanks for this. This year is the centenary of Tom Anderson's birth and was marked with concert up here a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Could you please repost this as the first track has got corrupt.
    Mega wonderful Scottish fiddle music.
    Couldn't be more grateful from NZ

  3. I have re-zipped this and replaced the link - hopefully that will sort the problem.