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The Fiddler's Companion (1980)

The Fiddler's Companion (Waverley Records GLN 1023, 1980)

This was released as a companion to a book of fiddle tunes, The Caledonian Companion (there was already an LP of that name, so they had to come up with something else). It's simply a small collection of tracks from some of Scotland's top fiddlers of the time. The LP kicks off with Aly Bain playing a couple of wonderful sets, and continues at a very high standard. Other fiddlers featured include Angus Grant from Fort William, Tom Anderson from Shetland, Hector MacAndrew from Fyvie, Donald Stewart from Edinburgh, Alastair Hardie and Bill Hardie from Aberdeen. Because MacAndrew died just before he was due to record the tracks for this LP, they have used some earlier recordings from the 1960s.


01 Aly Bain: The Shakin's o' the Pocky/Princess Beatrice
02 Aly Bain: The Firth House/Mrs Forbes Leith
03 Angus Grant: Well May Charley Wear the Crown/Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray's
04 Angus Grant: Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban
05 Alastair Hardie: Gin Yell Kiss My Wife I'll Tell the Minister/here's a Helath to Glorious Wellington
06 Alastair Hardie: Robert Innes of Stirling Universirty/Whistle O'er the Lave O't
07 Alastair Hardie: Methlick Style/Madam Neruda
08 Donald Stewart: Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife/My Wife's a Wanton/Stool of Repentance
09 Donald Stewart: Balmoral Castle/Miller o' Dervil/James Hardie
10 Tom Anderson: Da Sixereen/Willafjord/Da Grocer
11 Bill Hardie: Mr AG Wilken's Fav/Jenny Hardie's Reel
12 Bill Hardie: Earl Haig/Laird o' Drumblair/Speed the Plough
13 Hector MacAndrew: Chapel Keithack
14 Hector MacAndrew: Muir o' Gellan/Gillen's Reel
15 Hector MacAndrew: Gicht Cadstle/Mrs JH Alexander/JH Alexander Esq


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