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James F Dickie: The Dickie Style (1980)

James F Dickie: The Dickie Style (1980)

Jim Dickie was born in New Deer, Aberdeenshire in 1886. His father was a concertina player, and his brother John was a champion penny whistle player. By the age of seventeen he had started winning fiddle contestsAs a fiddler his biggest influences were James Scott Skinner, whom he knew, and Bill Duguid of Aberdeen. His style is very much in the Skinner camp, and is very much of its time, not always easily accessible to modern ears, but there's no doubt he was a very accomplished player. His friend J Murdoch Henderson wrote of him, "A player of great taste and polish. In the rendering of slow strathspeys and E flat airs in general his style is inimitable." This recording consists of his own home recordings from the early 1950s, complemented by tracks from his son-in-law James Duncan, and was issued on cassette in 1980.

James F Dickie:
01 Our Highland Queen
02 Smith's a Gallant Fireman
03 North Shore Hornpipe
04 Stirling Castle/Rachel Rae
05 Tulchan Lodge/Gladstone Reel/Glenlivet/The Hurricane
06 Shakins o' the Pocky/Farewell to Gartly/O'er the Hill/Newcastle Hornpipe
07 Master Francis Sitwell/Glories of the Star
08 Princess Beatrice
09 Finlay's Hornpipe
10 Castles In the Air

James Duncan:
11 Laird o' Bernerside/Earl Grey/JF Dickie's Reel
12 Braes o'Auchentyre/Mirth & Melody/Fit & Fervour
13 JF Dickie's Delight/The Baker
14 Peterhead Polka
15 Bonnie Lass of Headlake/Tarland Memories
16 Bob Steele/The Spey In Spate
17 Mar Castle/The Hawk
18 JO Forbes of Corse
19 Haslam's Hornpipe
20 Riches Denied


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  1. Just to let you know: the follow selections did not doonload properly--Stirling Castle, Master Francis, Dickie's Delight, Bonnie Lass of Headlake, Bob Steele and Mar Castle.
    If the album could be reposted with these, it would be wonderful.
    Duncan Saunders

  2. I have re-uploaded another zip file of the whole album, and I hope that sorts out any problems you had. Sorry for the inconvenience.