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Heritage: When the Dancin' It's A' Done (1981)

Heritage: When the Dancin' It's A' Done (No Bad Records NBLP-2, 1981)

This, the second Heritage album, is a marked difference to the first. By this time the group was down to a six piece: Jack Beck (guitar, vocals), Davy Lockhart (fiddle), Jim Dunn (accordion), George Haig (banjo, guitar) and Lindsay Porteous (jaw harp, bodhran, pan-pipes, mouth organ, bones) were joined by Mike Ward (whistles and harmonium).

01 Over the Water wi' Charlie/Key of the Cellar/Bonnie Prince Charlie
02 Tattie Time
03 Niel Gow's Lament for his Second Wife
04 Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow/Jig of Slurs
05 Bogie's Bonnie Belle
06 Boulavogue/The Minster Cloak
07 Farewell to Tarwathie
08 Hills of Glenorchy/Hare In the Corn/Hartigan's Fancy/Athole Highlanders
09 Fordell Ball
10 Salmon Tails Up the Water/The Rose Tree
11 The Rock and the Week Pickle Tow
12 Haste to the Wedding/Charlie Hunter/Drops of Brandy
13 The Plaidie Awa'/Maggie's Foot
14 Ae Fond Kiss/I'll Ay Ca' In By Yon Toon/My Love She's But a Lassie Yet


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  1. This is just as good as the Rantin' Rovin', Heritage One.... BUT in a different way....a smidgin more serious?? Still it is great to be able to hear it again.....I have the vinyl but no means of hearing it...(I bought a turntable with a usb a few months ago...but have not got round to working out how to transfer)....