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James F Dickie: James F Dickie's Delights (1976)

James F Dickie: James F Dickie's Delights (1976)

The only recordings we have of Jim Dickie (1886-1983) are from tapes he recorded for his own amusement in the early 1950s. They were remastered and released on this LP in 1976, and a few more on a cassette which came out in 1980 (The Dickie Style). The quality is not perfect, but it affords us the chance to hear a significant Scottish fiddler of the early 20th century. His style is very much of the James Scott Skinner mode, and therefore doesn't always fit in with how our modern ears perceive fiddle music, but you can hear that Dickie was an extremely accomplished player, even if these recordings were made when he was past his prime (Dickie was performing at the turn of the twentieth century with other fiddlers and his brother John, a champion tin whistler). At the very least, this is a document of a bygone style of North-East fiddling.

01 The Cairdin' O't/Highland Donald
02 Francis Sitwell
03 Hard Is My Fate/Good Wife Admit the Wanderer
04 The Dean Brig o' Edinburgh
05 Glencoe/The Trumpet/Banks
06 The Smith's Waltz
07 Millhill's/Laird o' Drumblair/The Baker
08 Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord
09 The Peterhead Polka
10 Braes o' Auchtertyre/Leaving the Glen
11 The Miller of Drone/JF Dickie's Reel
12 Bovaglie's Plaid/South of the Grampians/Good Old John
13 MacPherson's Rant
14 Madam Frederick/Earl Grey
15 Whistle O'er the Lave O't/White Cockade


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