Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ron Gonnella: Fiddler's Fancy (1975)

Ron Gonnella: Fiddler's Fancy (1975)

01 The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord
02 Donald MacPherson's Lament/Mrs Will/Sandy Grant o' Battangorm
03 Miss Gordon of Park/Miss Hannah's Jig
04 Chapel Keithack/Mrs James McInnes, Edinburgh/Lochrynach
05 The Cradle Song
06 Dumbarton Castle/Hoo Dinna Ye Play Mair?
07 Corgarff Castle/Death and Dr Hornbrook
08 The Music o' Spey/Mr Michie/Mr John Smith, Alford
09 Lady Niven Lumsden of Achindoir/The Earl of Fife/Lowe's Hornpipe
10 Mr Morison og Bognie/Miss Stewart's Jog - of Bombay/Maj L Stewart's Reel - of Java
11 Rosacre/Forbes Morrison/Davie Work
12 Sir Harry Niven Lumsden of Achindoir
13 Sandy's Goat/MacLeod and Mackay
14 The Weeping Birches of Kilmorack/Glen Cottage/Gibson's Whiskey

Another great collection of tunes from Ron Gonnella, whose fiddling here is at its finest.

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  1. What happened to the "Doonload" ?
    One should not give up tradition just like that :)

    Thanks for the fiddling :)

    and please let us doonload again...

  2. this is really great !!!!
    I picked up the violin last year (yep, not bad for a 47-year old) and am enjoying your posts immensely !
    I espescially like all the different fiddle-styles (ranging from Ol'Timey to Scottish to Shetland and Nordic fiddling) and even managed to get my teacher (a classical violinplayer with a very broad mind) hooked !
    keep up the Doonloads !!!
    grtz from Belgium, land of beers, chocolates & drowsy weather

  3. Miguel: you got it!

    Patrick: glad you like the music. Keep up the fiddle playing.