Saturday, 31 October 2009

Tom Anderson: Scottish Violin Music (1963)

Tom Anderson: Scottish Violin Music - Volume 2 (Waverley Records, ZLP 2015, 1963)

Tom Anderson is the main reason why Shetland music is known and played around the world. It's not just the tireless collecting and publishing of the traditional fiddle music of his native islands, but through his composing, performances and teaching (two of his young students were Aly Bain and Catriona MacDonald). He also had a long, if erratic, recording career, and there are dozens of albums which feature his music.

As well as Shetland fiddling, Tom Anderson was a great lover of the Scottish style of fiddling, and he recorded a few favourite Scots tunes as well. He is accompanied on this record, as he was throughout his performing life, by guitarist "Peerie" Willie Johnson.

01 The Hen's March
02 Oliver Jack/Willafjord
03 Smith of Couster's Fancy/The Grocer's Reel
04 The Peerie Hoose Ahint the Burn/The Merry Boys of Greenland/MacDonald's Reel
05 Norwick Wedding/Hillswick Wedding/A Road to Houll
06 Boys of Bluehill/Londonderry Hornpipe
07 Captain Gillan's Reel/Bob Johnson's Reel
08 Barclay's Hornpipe/The Meteor
09 Mavis Grind/Peter's Peerie Boat
10 Kail and Knockit Corn/Caper Fey/Pottinger's Reel
11 Wm Moffat's Strathspey & Reel
12 Sister Jean/Midnight Polka
13 A Liverpool Hornpipe/Harvest Home Hornpipe
14 Annie's Welcome Home/The Four Posted Bed
15 Jack Is Alive/Clettonroe


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  1. Fantastic to hear Arthur Scott Robertson after so long. A thousand thanks

  2. found your site on Wrath of the Grapevine--keep up the great work!

  3. this is a real treasure, thank you so much for making this available !