Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bobby MacLeod: Simply Solo (1988)

Bobby MacLeod: Simply Solo (Mull Recordings MR1010, 1988)

I know nothing about this recording. I was given it on cassette many years ago, but there was no information about date or label on it. Bobby MacLeod was an accordionist from the island of Mull, and had a long and successful playing and recording career. Some of his compositions are widely known, perhaps the best example being "Charlie Hunter". This recording is as stated: Bobby MacLeod playing completely solo.

Update: I managed to find the original recording on prerecorded cassette, so I have updated the scans to include the original artwork.

01 The Pap of Glencoe/Soondachan MacPhee/Sandy Cameron's Reel
02 Snow In Summer/June Clover
03 Caisteil a Ghlinne/Theid mi G'adAmharg/Crodh Gun Aighean
04 Haste to the Wedding/Tenpenny Bit/Donald Chisholm
05 The Queen Mary Waltz
06 The Highland Wedding/Lady Dorothea Stewart-Murray's Wedding March
07 Musette-Birds at Dawn
08 Alan C Beaton/John MacFadyen of Melfort/The 71st Highlanders
09 O Till Mo Leannan/Crodh Chailean
10 Arthur's Seat/The Banks/Eugene Stratton/The Golden Eagle
11 Mull of the Cool High Bens/My Mother
12 The Braes of Castle Grant/The Brig o Perth/Ca'the Ewes/Major Manson
13 Valse Bleue


Other albums featuring Bobby MacLeod:


  1. only three tracks could be downloaded

  2. I have just tried downloading it myself, and it all came through no problem. Can you try again, please, and let me know if you still have problems?

  3. Oops this just did not come though....though I'll try again just now....
    Bobby was up there with the best....and it will be great to hear his solo accordian....

  4. See comment about Jack Beck...same palaver but with right clicking and using the main file...I got Bobby to go into a mp3 file...thanks for the music and the challenge....

  5. Down loaded on to a mac - no issues - many thanks - there is another record of Bobbys which was released on Emerald Gem " The Man from Tobermory " I would love to get that on an MP3 !

  6. I think I might have that in the attic, so I'll look it out soon.

  7. Alas, I've just had a look, but I don't have the one you mentioned. I was confused with one called "Tobermory Treasure". I have another four or five Bobby McLeod, and in time I'll add them here. Sorry to get your hopes up.

  8. Hi, maybe I'm completely missing something but what should I be clicking to download these songs? My dad has been looking for these recordings FOREVER! Thanks!