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Knowe o' Deil: The Viking's Bride (1987)

Knowe o' Deil: The Viking's Bride (Attic Records ATT 015, 1987)

By the time of this - their third - recording, Knowe o' Deil were a duo consisting of Ivan Drever (vocals, cittern, mandola, guitar, whistle and synthesiser) and Ian Cooper (guitar, bass, synthesiser). However, there is a dedication on the sleeve for "the past ten members of the Knowe o' Deil". Their first release was Orcadia, followed by Orkney Anthem. After The Viking's Bride, Ian "went on to other things," while Ivan teamed up with Dick Clarke from Skye.

Drever, from Orkney, is well known as a member of Wolfstone, and has frequently toured and recorded with collaborators such as fiddler Duncan Chisholm, Stuart Eaglesham and Wayne Mackenzie.

The Viking's Bride LP is a mixture of self-penned and traditional songs and tunes, the original compositions coming from both Drever and Cooper.

01 Mrs Wylie's Door (Ian Cooper)
02 Selkie o' Suleskerry (trad)
03 Holm Band Tune (trad)/Mrs Anne Barbour (Ivan Drever)
04 Sir Olaf (trad)/Swaapan for Aasks (Ivan Drever)
05 Green Fields of Orkney (J Cumming)/Scapa Flow (J Johnstone)
06 15 Jars o' Rhubarb Jam Rag (Ivan Drever)
07 The Children of Alba (Ivan Drever)
08 Dominic McGowan (trad)/The Ship In Full Sail (trad)
09 Mrs Violet Eunson (D Eunson)
10 The Sea King (trad/B Cornwall)/Duncan's Favourite (Ivan Drever)
11 Song for Isa (Ivan Drever)
12 The Viking's Bride (trad/Drever)/Hindenberg Line (J Rendall)


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  1. Where can I get a copy of this, I had it on tape a few years back but would like it on CD?

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  2. Hi I think there may be missing tracks on this download, those being tracks 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, and 12. I downloaded it 2x just to make sure. But thanks for all these treasures I am having a great time discovering the music! and I've uploaded many of the artists to You would likely enjoy my page at thanks again!

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  5. Hi, thank you; I also bought the tape some 200 years ago in Edinburgh, but this upload has a few cuts, could you please try to upload it without them? Thank you!

  6. I can't thank you enough for posting this download! My cassette of this album, purchased in Edinburgh in 1988, is about worn out. One grateful Yank waving thanks from Michigan!

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