Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Quinns at Linlithgow (n.d.)

The Quinns at the Star & Garter Hotel Linlithgow
(Atlantas Eastshore APRS 1006, n.d.)

There are times when the lines between folk music and pub cabaret are blurred, and The Quinns are a perfect example. On this, their only recording (as far as I know), they combine some folk standards and instrumentals with contemporary pop songs (The Shadows' Apache seems particularly incongruous). The origins of this LP was in the regular sing-songs at the Star and Garter Hotel in Linlithgow, where the Quinn family would be rendering their favourite songs. Brothers Peter and Arthur Quinn recruited George Smith, and started being engaged professionally. They did a six month residency at the Star and Garter

This will never be a sought-after relic of seventies folk music, but as a snapshot of what was happening in bars and hotels round Scotland at the time, it is of historical value.

01 Annie's Song
02 Fulsom Prison Blues
03 Four Strong Winds
04 Leaving Vaternish/Hills of Glenorchy/Stirling Castle/Mason's Apron
05 The Last Farewell
06 Killiecrankie
07 Glencoe
08 Special Girl
09 Song for a Winter's Night
10 Apache
11 My Best Friend
12 A Man's a Man


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