Saturday, 17 October 2009

Folk Song Today

Folk Song Today (His Master's Voice, DLP 1143, n.d.)

This is an undated 10-inch LP of folksongs from the British Isles collected by Peter Kennedy under the auspices of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. A few of the best singers of the day are represented, including John MacDonald, Davy Stewart, Jeannie Robertson, Harry Cox and the Coppers of Sussex.

01 Rory & Alex McEwan:-Bonnie George Campbell
02 John MacDonald:-The Haughs of Cromdale
03 Jeannie Robertson:-My Son David
04 Davy Stewart:-The Barnyards o' Delgaty
05 Frank McPeake:-Will Ye Go, Lassie
06 Fred Lawson:-Dance to Yoiur Daddie
07 Bob Roberts:-High Barbaree
08 Shirley Collins:-Dabbling In the Dew
09 Harry Cox:-The Foggy Dew
10 Bob & Ron Copper:-The Twelve Days of Christmas

Front and back covers included.

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  1. I was sure I still had this on 10"...thinking that it had a red cover...alas it must have been given away when I downsized on relocating up here to my roots....the red cover I have is Rory & Alex with Isla Cameron and it is a 12" lp....ah sweet memory....