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Memories of Angus Fitchet (1988) Radio broadcast

Memories of Angus Fitchet (BBC Radio Scotland, 1988)

Robbie Shepherd presents a remembrance of the late Angus Fitchet shortly after his death in May 1988, broadcast on Radio Scotland. Shepherd plays some of Fitchet's music and reminisces with three of his colleagues, Bobby Crowe, Jimmy Blue and Jack Cooper.

Angus Fitchet (1910-1988) was a fiddler from Dundee, who had along career playing the music he loved. After the second world war he joined Jimmy Shand's band, and later started his own. There was aperiod when he gave up the band and toured as a solo fiddler on shows with Will Starr (accordionist) and Robert Wilson (singer). Fitchet was loved and respected by his fellow musicians as a performer, as well as a composer. One of his compositions was played on this radio show, Lament for Will Starr, and shows his calibre as a composer, and his understanding of the idiom.

01 Kate Dalrymple (partial)
02 Petronella (partial)
03 The Dying Year (JD Michie)/The Autocrat
04 The Dunoon Barndance/Glen Caladh Castle
05 Lament for Will Starr (Fitchet)/The Young King (Skinner)
06 Sunset on the St Lawrence


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