Friday, 23 October 2009

Danny Kyle: Ah'll Get Ye! (1975)

Danny Kyle: Ah'll Get Ye! (Pan-Audio PA005, 1975)

Danny Kyle is a giant name in the Scottish folk scene. He never achieved great popularity as a recording artist, but was a celebrated stalwart of folk clubs and festivals. He was an early influence on Billy Connolly. This is a live album, recorded at three gigs in the Spring of 1975. He is joined on some tracks by his occasional band The Vindscreen Vipers Skiffle Group (Danny Kyle (vocals, teachest bass), Mike Whellans (washboard, drums), Tich Frier (vocals, guitar), Bill Nolan (vocals, guitar) and Malcom "Malky" McCormick (vocals, banjo), and on other tracks by Benny Gallacher (vocals, banjo, guitar), Graham Lyle (vocals, dobro, electric guitar, mandolin) and Allan Hornell (bass guitar).

01 Jean Harlow (H Ledbetter)
02 Jokes
03 Hobo's Lullaby (G Reeves)
04 The Ugliest Man In Glasgow (Danny Kyle)
05 The Titanic (H Ledbetter)
06 Intro to Joe Hill
07 Joe Hill (E Robinson)
08 Katie Harts (John Murphy)
09 Jesse James (trad)
10 Mill Lassies (Danny Kyle)
11 Glasgow Fareweel (Danny Kyle)


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